31st International Theatrical Festival VALISE

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31st International Theatrical Festival VALISE

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31st International Theatrical Festival VALISE
Łomża, 2018, June 6-9
Organizator Office:
The Puppet and Actor Theatre in Łomża, plac Niepodległości 14, 18-400 Łomża /Poland/
tel./fax. : +48 86 2165955, http://www.teatrlomza.hi.pl; e-mail: [email protected]

Dear Collegues!
We are happy to inform you that 31st International Theatrical Festival VALISE 2018 will take place in Łomża, POLAND on 2018, June 6-9 . Please find attached the application form and other details for the Festival.
We would like to state that we would be extremely happy to see you, our dear artist friends, and would like you to kindly accept this first correspondence as an invitation. We look forward to your reply.
Please send your completed applications (filled application form accompanied with information on the theatre, description of the show, DVD/VCD/CD record of performance or link video, and photographs) by January 31st, 2018.

Best Regards

Jarosław Antoniuk
Director of the Festival VALISE
31 ITF VALISE ITF Regulations.doc
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31 Festival VALISE Invitation.doc
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