WORLD PUPPET CARNIVAL *24 to 30 September 2016*

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WORLD PUPPET CARNIVAL *24 to 30 September 2016*

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*24 to 30 September 2016 * Lodz Poland*
Facebook: World Puppet Carnival * Email: [email protected]
Support Puppet Arts! It's Good for Humanity!
Dear Puppeteers:
World Puppet Carnival with Arlekin Puppet Theatre, Ministry of Culture Poland and city of Lodz invite you to participate in the spectacular “Harmony World Puppet Carnival” in Lodz, Poland from 24 to 30 September 2016. The best Puppet productions (theatre, video and film) from all over the world will be selected to perform in Lodz one of the most beautiful and Artistic European City.
You are invited to present your Puppet Art: show, video, or film for children, family or adults in Poland to share your talent with the world, learn about other cultures, and you will be able to meet the amazing Poland life, customs and culture, to present your Art in Lodz, city of Arthur Rubinstein and Roman Polanski.
Your program can be traditional, classic, new, innovative or experimental, for theatres and streets. Groups, duos, and solo performers with big spectacles or small performances are encouraged to apply.
The Harmony World Puppet Carnival” is a competition. Valuable prizes with Gran Prix Award will be awarded by an Intercontinental Jury. The Prize categories include Best Animation, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Scenery, Best Puppet Design, Best Film, Best Video, Best Children Performance, Best Original Performance, Best Traditional Performance, Best Artistic Creation and Gran Prix for the Best Carnival Performance.
Participants at the World Puppet Carnival will be provided with accommodation, meals, local transportation and daily pocket money.
You are kindly asked to choose one of your performances, film or video and send with completed on DVD or USB Flash Drive with required materials by post to the Carnival before 30 April 2016. The Carnival Directorium will announce selected Performances, Films and Video on 15 May 2016.
You need to send :
- Completed Application Form
- DVD or USB Flash Drive with Show, Film or Video
- 5 photos of the Show, Film or Video
- A short Summary –story- of the Show, Film or Video
Send your complete application with required materials to main World Puppet Carnival address:
World Puppet Carnival
P.O.BOX 21
150 19 Prague 519
Czech Republic
World Puppet Carnival the world's largest Puppet event welcomes Puppeteers from all over the World to meet and present their Art in the one of most Artistic European city Lodz in Poland, with most beautiful Puppet theatre in the world.

25 January 2016 World Puppet Carnival Artistic Director
Rod Petrovic
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