IV Kyiv International Festival of Puppet Theatre "pUp.pet" (3-7 of October 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine)

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IV Kyiv International Festival of Puppet Theatre "pUp.pet" (3-7 of October 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine)

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IV Kyiv International Festival of Puppet Theatre "pUp.pet" (3-7 of October 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Dear colleagues!

The purpose of this letter is to invite puppeteers and theatre makers from all over the world to take part in IV Kyiv International festival of puppet theatre “pUp.pet” which is going to be held in Kyiv, Ukraine from 3-7 of October 2020 on the stage of Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre (“Castle on the hill”). Our theatre is one of the oldest professional theaters in Ukraine and Kyiv in particular. Founded in 1927, today our theatre is a unique cultural center with its special aesthetic and artistic handwriting.

The festival will be held for the fourth time with the support of the Kyiv City State Administration and the Department of Culture. The first, second and third editions of the festival in 2017, 2018 and 2019 had confirmed the importance of such event for Ukrainian capital. Around the festival events were united over 30,000 spectators (Kyiv inhabitants and guests of the capital), 700 participants of the festival, representing 30 countries of the world, international jury from 5 countries.

The following is the conditions of the festival: participants need to afford their traveling expenses to and from Kyiv, Ukraine and shipping costs of performance facilities. The Organizing Committee will bear the costs of each troupe (no more than 10 people) for meals, accommodations, and transportation within Kyiv including shuttle services to/from airport, as well as festival tickets.

We hope that this invitation would be interesting for you and waiting for application forms (please find file in the attachments of this e-mail) and send us your propositions till 1 of May 2020.

We hope that your team will be able to join at this year’s Festival and look forward to meeting in Kyiv.

We would be appreciate if you can share this information among your colleagues. Our main goal to unite as many puppeteers as it possible.

Greetings from our theatre and festival






with warmest wishes,
head of literary-drama department
of Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre
Daria Ivanova-Hololobova
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