show NEST at the International Festival AU BONHEUR DES MOMES in France

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show NEST at the International Festival AU BONHEUR DES MOMES in France

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Nest, Teatro Telaio

Festival Au bonheur des Mômes(27- 31 August): Nest, Teatro Telaio - 3-8 aged - 16.00 H - tous les jours - salle Le Chapitoto


we are writing this letter to inform you that our show NEST will be presented in the International Festival Au Bonheur des Mômes, based in Le Grand – Bornand (France), which will be in the last week of August. This Festival is one of the most important European festival of theatre for young audience and we’d be glad to welcome you during our shows that will be from the 27th to the 31st every day at 4 H p.m.(place of the show: Le Chapitoto).

Nest is the third chapter of a trilogy about feelings for children that experiment a theatrical language without words and with only a few objects. In the preceding steps we have talked about a friendship despite differences (Story of a child and a penguin) and love (Hugs). The show wants to talk to children about how parents have waited with both joy and worry for their arrival, trying to prepare some sort of protection and security as well as love to make it the best place to raise them. It’s a funny way to make the children aware of all the dedication and the work that was required upon their arrival and a tribute to all the "imperfect" parents!

I attach a presentation of the show. To watch pictures and a clip of the show click here.

We hope to meet you during the Festival.

Let us know if you’ll decide to come!

For further information about the show: Gessica Carbone – [email protected] - +39 03046535 - +393420737905

For further information about the Festival and booking:

Kind regards

Teatro Telaio
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