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6 places for a new stage of MAAF Accademy support by:

Centro Teatro del Lavoro
Adotta una Compagnia - Piemonte dal vivo
Regione Piemonte
Unix is ​​a training project that aims at the Academy MAAF boys / girls between the ages of 20 and 26 years. It includes a 21-day period of residence where a group, made ​​up of six people chosen by audition via internet, will go through the techniques and the dramaturgy of puppetry. We will work together on a show of the company Teatro Alegre Opinioni di un Burattinaio, a job where various techniques of puppetry coexist: the guarattella of Pulcinella, puppets and marionettes on table. In this course we will give the opportunity to learn our creative approach with an osmotic process. It will be a research in which everyone, even the teachers, they put themselves into the game and try to find the conditions for creativity. Our intention is to focus on the concept that the puppetry theater is done with machines, and that their inner workings become an essential part in the drama. The stage includes moments of theater training to coagulate the group and to give breath at work.
The period of work will take place from 28 April to 18 May;
the residence will be held at the Teatro del Lavoro in Pinerolo;
the age limit is 26 years; the stage is free, but there is a refund to be paid of € 100 for accommodation and dinners;
the entry deadline is April 23;
auditions will take place on April 26 Skype
teacher: Damiano Privitera
assistant: Sara Milani
contact: [email protected] - cell. 0039 330 42 57 16 [email protected] - cell. 0039 334 22 31 083
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