International Showcase of the Mysteries and Drolls project

International Showcase of the Mysteries and Drolls project

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Call out for applications to the second (online)

International Showcase of the Mysteries and Drolls project
brought to you by Festival of Fools, Belfast, UK.

In February 2021 Festival of Fools will host the second International Showcase of the Mysteries and Drolls project

What is the showcase?
The showcase is an online industry event, an opportunity for programmers to see street theatre work and for artists to meet programmers. The aim is to create programming opportunities for festivals, and bookings for artists. The showcase will be attended by at least 20 international programmers from a range of European
countries who will each be seeking to book at least one show from those featured.

When will it happen?
The showcase will be presented by Festival of Fools on the 24th and 25th February 2021. If selected, you will need to participate in half a day of online activity with us on one of these days.

What is involved?
During the event we will be screening trailers of the selected shows, and the show creators will take part in a hosted Q&A attended by festival directors and programmers. One-person shows receive a fee of € 100,00 for participating, duos receive € 200,00 and trios receive € 300,00.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for shows created by performers from all European countries, but we particularly welcome applications from the project partner countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and the UK. We are looking for one-person shows, duos and trios only. The senior creative teams of Festival of Fools, Open Street and Mysteries and Drolls will choose which shows will be included in the showcase.

Who can apply?
To be eligible for selection you must meet the following criteria:
1. Your work must be in line with the artistic aims of the project. We welcome contemporary and traditional work equally.
2. Your 2 – 3 minute trailer must be of good technical quality, so that we can see and hear your show clearly. It should feature one show, not lots of different shows.
3. You must be available to attend the online Q&A on 24 or 25 February 2021.
4. Your show must be ready to tour from April 2021 at the latest.

Applications open on 9 December and close on 9 January 2021

Do you have the requirements to participate? What are you waiting for?!!! Go immediately to the registration page and submit your application. Remember: if you are an Open Street aisbl member or a simple network subscriber, if you have already participated in previous showcases or contests organized by Open Street, you do not need to register again. Simply use your Open Street credentials, open the EDIT page of one of your shows from the Activities panel and check the item: “I want to apply to Mysteries & Drolls showcase 2021 with this show“. You can also upload a new show and submit it.
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