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by Gözde Atalay Kokkoris

30th of November & 01-02 of December in Athens

*The workshop is aimed at educators, facilitators and future teachers in any field who are interested in exploring new paths of teaching and developing a creative teaching process as well as their own creative potential.

**Booking is essential until 18th of November as places are limited.

[email protected], +306906859697

In this workshop we will try to redefine personal failure and to become aware of its creative potential. We will develop the ability of accepting failure and the completely unknown as vital elements within our creative process. Then we can use this experience as a tool in our teaching environment. Games, improvisation, movement, drawings, story dramatization and creative singing are some of the tools we will be using to awake our playfulness and free ourselves from fears and judgment. The educators will then be able to further use these practical tools in the classroom. This workshop draws on the Augusto Boal Theater of the Oppressed and Creative Drama methods.


Friday 30th of November 18:00-22:00

Saturday 01st of December 14:00-20:30

Sunday 02nd of December 14:00-20:30

Total: 16 hours

Language: English

Cost: 95 euro (*not VAT include)

Max 12 participants.

All of us have been students and therefore shaped through education. Start a conversation on education and everyone has a story to remember from our school years. Mostly a bitter one!! A story about failure or the pressure of being successful.

But what is failure? And could it have a positive outcome? We have stigmatized failure!! Our education system has demonized mistakes and has put extreme pressure on students to achieve high levels of academic success, overriding the joys of learning and making kids anxious and depressed.

This workshop is interested in observing failure from a different angle. It questions the One Size Fits All dominant approach of an educational system which wastes children’s qualities and results in loss of individuality. If children are not allowed to make mistakes they will never fully discover their creative potential and extraordinary capacities. It is not suggested that we should encourage students to fail just to make them feel better or that making mistakes is the same as being creative. What is proposed is to simply shift the focus on process rather than finished product.

Venue: Α ΚΙΝ Art space ” Sarri 14, Psiri , 1st Floor , Athens

(4 min. walk from Monastiraki station – 3 min walk from Thissio Station)

Gözde ATALAY KOKKORIS is a Turkish director, teacher, dramaturg and performer. She studied Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy of Istanbul University and has since worked as a facilitator and performer. She trained Augusto Boal Theatre of the Oppressed and Creative Drama methods at the university and taught at Ekol Drama School in Istanbul. She studied Physical Theatre ,Neutral Mask and Clown with Hernan Gene and Gabriel Chame Buendia at “Chame and Gene Estudios Teatrales" and with Thomas Prattki at LISPA. She trained in circus and clown at EMCA Municipality Circus School (Spain) and taught at Cabuwazi, a social circus school for children (Berlin). She has further studied with Mario Gonzalez (Conservatoire National Superieur D’Art Dramatique) Giovanni Fusetti (Helicos International Theatre School Italy), Patrick Van Den Boom (De Goudse Clown School Netherlands) and Matej Matejka. Her performances include: International Storytelling Festival (Athens & Pelion), A Quiet Voice (International Athens & Epidaurus Festival) ZirCouplet-Variete Show, street performer (International Carnival of Cultures Festival Berlin). In 2018, she has been performing with the Company Flight of Escales on the show No WAY OUT in the Ballhaus Ost of Berlin. She is currently working with Flight of Escales and La Voladaonthe show QUEENS. Since 2009, she has been living and working in several countries, where she is performing, directing and teaching. She is currently based in Athens.
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