Download the message and the song for the WPD - Unima Internationale

Download the message and the song for the WPD - Unima Internationale

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¡Here is the message for the
World Puppetry Day 2020!

The UNESCO International Day of Peace will be celebrated this year on September 19th in Tolosa, Spain, with the collaboration of UNIMA. Therefore, this year, the World Puppetry Day on March 21st, will be linked to this big celebration. Are you participating?

1) International Message

“Voices of America for Peace”

This year, UNIMA has proposed American artists to make the poster and a joint message for World Puppetry Day. The poster, made by the Argentinean artist, based in Brazil Osvaldo Gabrieli, can be requested, in your own language on the UNIMA website..

The message is realized this year by Manuel Morán, Zoa Meza and Rubén Darío Salazar. You can download it here:

Message in Spanish
Message in French
Message in English

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Do not make the message public until March 21, World Puppetry Day. We are sending you the message in order to go on with translation, printing...

2) Collaborative video: Together for PEACE

UNIMA invites you to perform live or recorded, and with the freedom that any art allows, the score composed for the International Day of Peace. The idea is to illustrate it with a puppet. Here is the material that will help you:
Score (mixed voices)
Score (equal voices)
Pronunciation guide
Musical base (mixed voices)
Musical base (equal voices)
Original song performed by a choir

Send your video! It will be included in the video editing that will be projected on the occasion of the events organized to celebrate the World Puppetry Day, on the UNIMA website and in the National Centres.

Deadline for sending videos: March 9th
Send your video through WeTransfer or similar to: [email protected]
[email protected]
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