Unima Internationale - World Puppetry Day 2020

Unima Internationale - World Puppetry Day 2020

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For the World Puppetry Day,
Let us sing and animate PEACE!

The World needs PEACE more than ever, and PEACE needs all of us… together we can bring PEACE to life!

In 2020, under the sponsorship of UNESCO, UNIMA joins the many organizations which defend PEACE to celebrate World Day of Peace on September 21 in two stages.

The XXth UNESCO World Day of Peace will take place on September 19th, 2020 in Tolosa, Spain, with the participation of international choirs who will perform an original composition written by Josu Elberdin for the occasion. The puppet will be present to give, with freedom, a visual dimension to these moments sung together.

UNIMA proposes World Puppetry Day on March 21, 2020 to be as a first step in this celebration. UNIMA proposes two ways to participate:

The video - A song for PEACE
UNIMA invites its members from around the world to perform live or recorded the composition of the World Day of Peace with adults, children, singers and amateurs, puppeteers, alone or in a group, bringing it to life with a puppet, an object, craft paper, clay, in shadow, with images (drawing, collage...), etc. The score mixes English, Spanish, French and Basque. For those who want to sing it, we’ll facilitate the pronunciation. Don’t be afraid, it’s easy! UNIMA invites you to sing “PEACE” to celebrate it in as many places of the world as possible!

Submitted videos will be used in a montage projected on events created to celebrate World Puppetry Day, and the websites of UNIMA and National Centres.

Deadline to send the videos : February 23th. Tecnical indications below.

The score will be available soon. You’ll receive it with the pronunciation and find it on the website of UNIMA soon.
The poster and the message - Together for PEACE

Voices from America for PEACE

This year UNIMA proposed American artists to make the poster and deliver the message for World Puppetry Day. You can request the poster produced by the Argentinian artist based in Brazil Osvaldo Gabrieli in your language on the UNIMA website.

UNIMA invites members to share the Gabrieli’s poster and the message widely during World Puppetry Day celebrations. Message will be available soon.

Technical requirement to make the video:
Maximum duration of all selected extracts: 30 seconds
The video must be in horizontal format (landscape)
Save the video in a current format with a resolution of 720p
Provide the best extract separately (no editing)
Submit your files no later than February 23, 2020
via a file transfer service (wetransfer, yousendit …) to [email protected] with copy to [email protected]
State clearly:
The name of the city and the country
Your name and your email address

Together, let’s create the movement of PEACE!
[email protected]
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